Volume-4 Issue-5, January 2020

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Volume-4 Issue-5, January 2020, ISSN: 2394–0913, (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Properties of Composition of Fuzzy Relations and its Verifications
C. Gowrishankar1, R. Dharshinee2, K. Geetha3

An Interpersonal Metafunction Analysis of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s Speechat the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly
Hadi ur Rahman Hadi1, Xihuang GUO2

Political and Cultural Rights in Higher Education Institutes
G. Anburaj1, T. Mangayarkarasi2

A Techno-Economic Assessment of the Design and Operation of a Windfarm in Europe
K R Prajwal

Using Multiple Regressions to Predict (ICU) Intensive Care Unit Nurses Professional Detachment Intent, in Bangalore Multi-Specialty Hospitals, Karnataka.
R. K. Prema1, M. Kathiravan2, C. Karthikeyan3, V. Sunitha4

Control of Fetal Development in the Female Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncates Ponticus Barabash, 1940) using Ultrasound Procedure and Studying the Dynamics of the Linear Dimensions of the Fetal Head.
Semenov V.A.1, Rodin I.A.2, Okolelova A.I.3, Vinokurova D.P.4, Gavrilov B.V.5

The Relationship between of the Learning Environment and the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) among Secondary School Students
Mohd Saifulkhair Omar1, Mohd Isha Awang2

The Effect of Promotion Mix on Consumer Decisions using Grab-Food in Palembang
Rizana Oktari1, Zakaria Wahab2, Marlina Widiyanti3

Front Administration: An Indispensable Unit of Hospital
Shrikant Juneja1, Amrinder Singh2

Nematicidal Activity of Herbal Crude Extract Against Meloidogyne Incognita in Musa Acuminate (Red Banana)
V. Akshaya1, S. Santhiya2, S. L. Athira3, K. Gilbert Ross Rex4

Constituent Factors and Implications of Work-Life Balance on Female Employees: A Study on the Indian IT industry
Rajesh Veluthan1, A. Valarmathi2

Application of Naïve Bayes Algorithm in Sentiment Analysis of Filipino, English and Taglish Facebook Comments
Ronel J. Bilog

Age Factor– A Basic Parameter for Health Insurance- A Study with Special Reference to Chennai City among Standalone Health Insurers
K. S. Meenakshisundaram1, S T Krishnekumaar2

Towards A Framework for Development of Operational and Maintenance Cost Model of Highway Project in Malaysia
Monirul Islam1, Sarajul Fikri Mohamed2, Syamsul Hendra Mahmud3, Alghamdi Khalid Ahmed M4, Karban Abdullah Saeed5

English Communication Skills and the Needs of Engineering Students
B. Sanyasi Rao1, I. S. V. Manjula2, G. Suvarna Lakshmi3

The Effect of on-Street Parking on Vehicle Velocity and Level of Service at Cik Di Tiro Street Yogyakarta
Benni Mustofa1, Retna Hidayah2

Valid Arguments and Heyting Algebra using Multi Valued Logic
R. Malathi1, T. Venugopal2

Fire Safety Protection and Prevention Measures in Nigeria Office Buildings
Alao, Mohammed Kaseem1, Yahya Bin Mohamad Yatim2, Wan Yousuf Bin Wan Mahmood3, Aliu, Ibidayo, Ukpoireghe4

Creative Economy Potential through Typical Ulos Fabric Small Industries to Promote the Economy of Lumban Suhi-Suhi Village, Toruan Samosir Regency
Annisa Ilmi Faried1, Rahmad Sembiring2

A Drawing Formalistic Aspects in School and Higher Learning Institutions
Marzuki Ibrahim1, Hartini M Razali2, Mazni Omar3, Siti Fairuz Md Hashim4, M Iqbal Badaruddin5