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Volume-3 Issue-4, June 2018, ISSN: 2394-0913 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Pvt. Ltd.

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Mitali Gupta

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Skill Development in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities

Abstract: Education is more important but skill is most important. It is true that current generation needs to be skilled in order to get employment. It is very much important to get skills and only then a country can think about its bright future. Nowadays many countries especially India is facing these problems that a person is knowledgeable but not skilled enough to do a particular job. India has a demographic advantage of the largest youth population in the world. Integrating skills within the higher education holds the key to reaping the demographic dividend. skill based courses should be made part of regular courses so as to increase employability. If skill based courses are made part of regular courses it will increase employment opportunities. A student can start his own industry or business after aquireing certain sills and provide services to society and it will enhance his economic life. Improving the skill development of students in higher education would contribute substantially to placing higher education as the foremost pillar on which our society is built. The academic world has serious doubts about where our society is going in many respects. However, the students going through higher education become the citizens who determine the nature of our society. Thus, higher education has a crucial opportunity to affect the future of our society through substantially improving the skill development of our citizens.

Keywords: Higher Education, Employability, Skill Development. 


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