Volume-4 Issue-7, March 2020

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Volume-4 Issue-7, March 2020, ISSN: 2394-0913 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

A Examination of Cardio Disease Patients in Coimbatore Region and Discussion of Current Epidemiology and Future Direction
A. Zechariah Jebakumar1, R. Ravanan2

Cardio Patients are Monitoring the Physical Activities to Reduce Mortality
A.Zechariah Jebakumar1, R.Ravanan2

Admissibility of Electronic Evidence under the Indian Evidence Act, 1872
Soni Lavin Valecha1, Sonika Bhardwaj2

Cyber Crime: Women Combating with the Negative Effect of Technology in the Era of Globalisation
Mansi1, Pukhraj Agarwal2

Participation of Women in Engineering & Technology Education and Employment
Addissie Melak1, Seema Singh2

Identification of Mind-Set of Students through Web based Basic Psychological Text and Graphical Analysis System
Tabassum Rizvi

Millennial Expectations about the Desire to Stay in the Workplace and Factors that Influence it
Anita Maharani1, Hendra Gunawan2, Jonathan David Tirta Wijaya3

Assimilation of Principal Component Analysis and Wavelet with Kernel Support Vector Regression for Medium-Term Financial Time Series Forecasting
Baba Gimba Alhassan1, Fadhilah Binti Yusof2, Siti Mariam Norrulashikin3

Implementation of Peltier Tiles for Heating Jacket
Fitria Hidayanti1, Erna Kusuma Wati2, Risad Anwar3

Determination of Internet Banking Usage and Purpose with Explanation of Data Flow Diagram and Use Case Diagram
R. Ganesh1, G. Prabu2

Sectoral and Livelihood Vulnerability to Climate Risk in Indian Himalaya: A Case Study of Almora District of Uttarakhand
Ashish Panda1, Anil Kumar Gupta2, Amarjeet Kaur3

The Effect of Work Enjoyment and Work-life Balance on Organizational Citizenship Behavior with Job Satisfaction as Mediator
Noor Erdianza1, Fatwa Tentama2, Erita Yuliasesti Diah Sari3

Evaluation of the Implementation of University Social Responsibility in Morocco
Samira Mili1, Abdelrhani Bouayad2, Abdelali Lahrech3

Intellectual Capital and its Importance to the Non-Profit Organizations Sector
Ebrahim Farhan Mubarak Busenan

Effectiveness of Replacing Inorganic Fertilizer with Compost Made of Garden Waste for Coconut Palm
Athambawa Samsar1, Athamabwa Mohamed Razmy2

Perceived Stigmatization and Emotional Quotient of the Homeless Adolescents
Ulanday, Ma. Leah Pacleb1, Abando, Marie Christine A.2, Belardo, Einon Dane Kryzl O.3, Loreto, Efephany Joy N.4

The Problems of Economic Development among the Hiras, an Occupational Caste of Assam
Barasha Rani Baishya

Introspection into Indian School Education System
Abshana Jamal

Design of Savonius-Darrieus A Hybrid Wind Turbine
Fitria Hidayanti1, Erna Kusuma Wati2, Yohanes3, Pudji Untoro4

The State of Education in Malkangiri District of Odisha and Its Impact on the Human Capital Development
Subhra Parida

Postgraduate Students’ Perceptions toward Student-Centered Learning (SCL): A Study of Afghan Postgraduate Students at TESL- University Technology Malaysia
Hamza Atifnigar1, Wahidullah Alokozay2, Zia ur Rahman Zaheer3

Enhancement of the Methodology for Measuring Transport Services Efficiency Indicators in Uzbekistan
Mirzaev Kulmamat1, Nasimov Ikrom2, Rahimov Zafar3